Swords And Souls 3

If you are waiting for a game that takes long time to play and it is still interesting. Swords and souls 3 is the first name for you to think of.

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Swords And Souls

Swords and souls 2 is a fighting game. The scene of the game is an ancient Roman town where there is a warrior. In the game, the warrior is the main character. He is under hard training to become a hero. You will play as him and your mission is to train him into a hero.

The main screen of the game is the map of that ancient Roman town. In the map, there are an arena, a training room, a shop, a museum, a statue of yourself and your house.

Swords And Souls Game

The arena is where battles take place. There, you will join in battles to fight against the dangerous enemies. There are many battles numbered from one. In the first battle, there are three enemies for you to defeat. But in the following battles, the number of enemies will increase gradually. Moreover, the enemies become much more dangerous. Some of the enemies are even two times bigger than you, which bring you a little scare and nervousness.

Swords And Souls Game

The training room is, of course, where you do the training every day. It is just a small room with simple furniture. The fact is in the beginning, there is nothing without a scarecrow which helps you a lot in the training. After that, something like shelves appear, books will appear too.

Swords And Souls

In the museum, there are four rooms: Statues, Trophies, Armory and Gallery. The Statues room is where your defeated enemies’ statues are displayed. In Trophies room, there are three boards which show your achievement in training, in battles in the arena and the number of secrets that you find. The weapons which you bought in the shop are displayed in the Armory room. There are pictures which remind of your achievement you have reached in the arena.

Swords And Souls

The shop is where you buy weapons, shields, armors. All of them play an important part in your victory in the battle in the arena or even in the game. There are a lot of necessary things. Furthermore, weapons, shields, armors are up – to – date regularly, so that every day we will have something to buy for practicing. They help you a lot in battles.

Swords And Souls

Swords and souls  will intrigue you a lot. There are many interesting things in the game, the training is also very interesting, too. Additionally, there are secrets hidden in the game. If you find them, you will be awarded trophies and those trophies will be displayed in the museum.

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